Jo Pattie – Darfield -  Professionalism - Tohunga and Empathy / Family  -  Aroha / Whānau


Jo has been recognised for this award for the warm, welcoming, professional way she greets and farewells the whānau and children. She always confidently  and knowledgeably shares aspects of a child’s learning for the day with  whānau. 




Ariana – Somerfield - Empathy / Family  -  Aroha / Whānau and Respect – Whakaute

Ariana has been recognised for the calm, unflappable approach she has to her work. With the opening of the new area of the centre she has needed to be flexible and adaptable and has provided reliable, effective support to all 3 areas of the centre.

Lexy – Somerfield - Communication – Kōrero and Innovative - Auaha


Lexy, has been recognised for this award for her outstanding communication with whānau regarding their child’s learning goals and for the innovative experiences and activities provided to achieve these.


Josephine -  4year Kindergarten - Communication – Kōrero and Empathy / Family  -  Aroha / Whānau

Josephine has been recognised for this award for the connections she has formed with the whānau in the Kindergarten who are new to the community and to New Zealand. She has welcomed them and facilitated their engagement in and contributions to the Kindergarten and the programme.

Hannah – Somerfield -  Tohunga and Communication – Kōrero

Hannah has been recognised for this award for her enthusiasm and dedication for new role at the Kindergarten.  She  has been pivotal in establishing and implementing the programme and routines, settling the children into their new centre and guiding the new teaching team. 

Cathrine – New Brighton -  Professionalism - Tohunga and Empathy / Family  -  Aroha / Whānau

Cathrine has been recognised for the high level of professionalism and for empathy for children and whānau she brings to her teaching. She is a reflective, proactive practitioner who always strives to achieve quality outcomes for children and whānau. 

Manda  and Amanda – Arlington -  Professionalism - Tohunga and Empathy /Family  -  Aroha/whānau

Manda and Amanda have been recognised for this award for the ongoing support and encouragement, strength and understanding they have provide for a centre child, his whānau and their colleagues during a recent traumatic event. 

Dorinda – New Brighton -  Innovation - Auaha

Dorinda has been recognised for this award for Innovation – Auaha for the inspiration, development and introduction of the new Essential Areas of Learning programme into the centre.


Lexy – Somerfield - Professionalism - Tohunga Tanga


Lexy, has been recognised for this award for her leadership and professional commitment to the centre.  She has provided the teaching staff and relievers with valuable guidance, feedback and support during a time of staff changes


Lois – Arlington - Empathy / Family -  Aroha / Whānau and Respect – Whakaute

Lois has received this award for the caring, respectful atmosphere she fosters in the centre.  Whānau report the centre ‘feels like home.’

Krystal – Darfield -  Professionalism - Tohunga

Krystal has been recognised for the high level of professionalism she brings to her teaching.  She has outstanding organisational and teaching skills.

Manda  – Arlington - Professionalism - Tohunga Tanga

Manda, has been recognised for the  professional and sensitive way she supported and sought further help for a centre family.

Leigh (Darfield Educare) and Katy (3yr Kindy)  Professionalism - Tohunga Tanga

 Leigh and Katy have been recognised for this award in response to the very positive and enthusiastic praise and feedback given to management from the whānau of children moving onto school.  They made particular mention of Leigh and Katy, the welcome and support and the quality of education and care they had received during their time at the centres.

Denise – Darfield -  Empathy / Family  -  Aroha / Whānau & and Innovation - Auaha

Denise has been recognised for the ways in which she contributes to and takes responsibility for extra curricula activities that enhance the sense of wellbeing, belonging and relationship building for children and teachers. 

 Lisa  – Avonhead -  Communication – Kōrero.

Lisa has made sure that over the time of changing staff members there has been minimal disruption for the children and whanau of the Nursery by communicating effectively with parents and making sure that organisational procedures and rituals of the centre were completed.

Mary  – New Brighton -  Empathy / Family  -  Aroha / Whānau  & Respect - Whakaute

As a regular reliever for Annabel’s Mary has formed positive, respectful relationships with all families.  She is especially kind and empathetic to the younger children at the centre.  Mary is like our centre ‘Nana’ lavishing care and attention while encouraging children’s growth and development.


Katelyn – Somerfield -  Innovation - Auaha .

Throughout this year Katelyn has used her creative skills and a wide variety of recycled materials to innovatively create unique, fun environments and resources for the babies and toddlers in the nursery to explore and to extend their learning opportunities. These have provided inspiration and wonder for children, colleagues, parents and whānau.

 Kirsten – 4yr Kindergarten - Professionalism - Tohunga Tanga

Kirsten has been recognised for this award for capably and confidently taking responsibility for and stepping into the leadership role of the 4yr old team.   Kirsten has displayed a high level of professional commitment and dedication to the Kindergarten, children, whānau and colleagues. 

Congratulations to Annabel’s Educare – Darfield, Annabel’s 3yr old Kindergarten and Annabel’s 4 yr old Kindergarten for achieving a GOLD award in the recent Malvern Responsible Business Award ceremony.  This award recognises the centres efforts to be socially and environmentally responsible and for their sustainability practices.

 IMG 0674

Kirstie  – 3yr Kindy - Innovation - Auaha .

Kirstie lead team discussions and initiated a programme to support families to recognise the high sugar content of some of the food items they were including in their children’s lunch box.  Part of this programme included Kirstie leading the team in the design and production of a Waste Free Healthy Lunchbox pamphlet that will be included in the enrolment packs and used by all the organisation.   

 Stacey – New Brighton - Empathy / Family  -  Aroha / Whānau

Stacey has been recognised for the time, effort and organisational leadership she undertook during New Brighton’s recent fundraising endeavours for Fiji.


Jill – New Brighton -Empathy / Family  -  Aroha / Whānau & Respect - Whakaute .     

 Jill has been recognised for her respectful, caring attitude towards staff, children and whānau. 

Jill is reliable, supportive and makes valuable contributions to the daily life of the centre. 

 She positively, cheerfully and willingly goes above and beyond the requirements of her job. 


Kristine - Darfield -  Innovation - Auaha .

Kristine uses her creative and artistic skills to create innovative, stimulating and challenging environments for children to explore, interact with and revisit aspects of their learning.  These environments recognise, value and support children and whānau to develop a sense of Well-being, Belonging, Kotahitanga and Manaakitanga within the centre.


Emily – Avonhead – Communication - Kōrero. 

For her work with Korean families and children who have English as a second language.


Janine – New Brighton – Empanthy/ Respect – Aroha/Whakaute

For her skills in working with infants and toddlers, their families/ whanau and building close relationships ensuring parents are confident regarding the core & education of their children.


Janet  - Avonhead -  Professionalism - Tohunga Tanga 

Janet, has been recognised for this award for capably and confidently taking on the responsibility and leadership role of the nursery team.   Janet’s leadership and commitment to professionalism has ensured that all children and whānau are settled, secure and welcome in the environment and that children’s learning and well-being needs are recognised, planned for and met.     


Jessica Brough – Avonhead -  Innovation - Auaha .

Jessica championed and led the implementation of a diverse programme of fun learning activities for the children, that supported their social and collaborative learning, developed an understanding of healthy eating options and fostered a sense of Well-being and Belonging in the centre.


Anastasia –  New Brighton Professionalism – Tohunga tanga

Anastasia has been recognised for the contribution she makes to building strong reciprocal relationships with children and their immediate and wider whanau and for the feedback she provides on the children’s learning journeys. 

  Michaela   Michaela – Somerfield - Professionalism – Tohunga tanga

Michaela has been recognised for her growth as a developing Early childhood student in her 3rd year of training and for consistently building relationships with Whanau.

  Rani   Rani – Somerfield - Empathy/ Respect – Aroha/Whakaute

Rani has been recognised for the relationships she builds with children & her respectful interactions with toddlers encouraging emerging verbal and non-verbal language.

   Katelyn     Katelyn – Somerfield -  Communication – Kōrero &  Professionalism - Tohunga Tanga

Katelyn has been recognised for the comprehensive, well written, reflective observations and assessments of her key children.   Katelyn ensured her colleagues had documentation on each child’s routines, current interests and learning goals. 


Kirsten Cooney – 4yr Kindergarten - Innovation - Auaha .

Kirsten makes skilful use of her technology and digital literacy skills to enhance and support the children’s interests, learning and understanding and their working theories of the world around them. 


lai    Lai Nguyen – Avonhead - Communication – Kōrero.

Lai has been recognised for her ability to make children and their whānau feel welcome and supported.  She always ensures she is aware of and understands whānau aspirations for their children and provides quality feedback to whānau on their child’s learning journey.


 georgia   Georgia Railton – Somerfield - Empathy / Family  -  Aroha / Whānau

Georgia has been recognised for developing strong relationships with the children and their whānau and for supporting and responding to whānau aspirations for their children.  Georgia gives informed feedback on their children’s learning journey.


  Haley – Darfield - Respect/ Whakaute

Hayley, you use Te Reo extensively and respectfully when communicating with children, whānau and colleagues.  It is a natural part of your communication with those you interact with through your teaching practice.   Your use of Te Reo empowers and supports the children and their whānau’s sense of well-being and belonging in the centre.   Your team also feels supported and encouraged by you, to model your practice.


Karen – Somerfield -  Communication / Kōrero.

Karen consistently engages in quality, respectful, meaningful, reciprocal conversations with children and their families.  Your conversations with children extend and challenge their use and understanding of language, positive ways of communicating and interacting with others and their thinking and reasoning skills.   


Kathryn – Avonhead -  Empathy / Family  -  Aroha / Whānau

Kathryn has a gift with settling children and helps them feel a sense of belonging. She has a kind nurturing personality.

 loisLois – Somerfield - Innovation - Auaha

Lois is always looking for ways to interest children and help them build a platform for learning.  Lois enjoys designing activities to develop their interests while learning.

winnie  Winnie - Avonhead - Empathy / Family  -  Aroha / Whānau

Winnie has been recognised for her caring and compassion.  She nurtures and fosters a feeling of belonging for the children by recognising and responding to their emotional needs.

Picture1  Jo  - Darfield - Innovation-Auaha. 

Jo has showcased her creative skills and use of natural resources to enhance the outdoor learning environment for the children.  Over the last couple of months Jo has taken a leadership role in the re-development of areas such as the edible gardens and the whare area, and skilfully used natural mobiles and constructions to enrich the learning environment.  

 IMG 7493 copy Katie - Avonhead -  Professionalism : Tohunga Tanga

Katie, role models the qualities and responsibilities of professionalism for her teaching team and the centre as a whole.  She takes responsibility and a leadership role in the 2yr old team and capably steps into a centre wide leadership role when her Curriculum Leader is away. 

gina face 3 Gina  - 3yr Kindergarten -  Innovation : Auaha .

Gina, is innovative and creative when setting up the outdoor environment in particular. She creates amazing spaces for the children to explore that challenges their thinking, reasoning and their working theories of the world around them. 

  lois Lois -  Somerfield - Professionalism : Tohunga Tanga

Lois consistently displays commitment and dedication to the centre, the children and whānau and her teaching team. 

  kaye Kaye  - Somerfield - Empathy / Family : Aroha / Whānau

 Kaye  is caring, compassionate, kind and helpful.  She has the capacity to recognise and respond to emotions that are being experienced by others. 

   karen Karen - 3yr Kindergarten - Communication – Kōrero.

Karen has an exceptional understanding of the children and the families that attend the centre.  She consistently engages in and models quality, respectful, reciprocal conversations with children, families and colleagues. 

  Jaisha - Somerfield - Professionalism - Tohunga tanga

For consistently showing professionalism, decorum, fairness and respect to the children, parents and staff.



 IMG 3431 copyHannah - Somerfield.       Empanthy - Aroha

Hannah was nominated because she is nurturing of the children, always recognising, anticipating and caring for their needs.  They trust her and look forward to seeing her.  She also extends this compassion to the parents and she is an asset to the team.

 SetRatioSize8060 Screenshot 2014 07 17 12.34.071Sharon - 4yr Kindergarten.    Communication - Korero

Sharon consistently engages in and models quality, respectful, meaningful, reciprocal conversations with children that challenges their thinking and reasoning skills and values their contributions.  Sharon makes use of multiple means of communicating and engaging with parents / whanau.   

 kathryn 1Katherine - Somerfield.    Professionalism  - Tohunga Tanga 

Kathryn is always approachable, ready to listen, not judge and accommodate wherever she can.  She is a great role model for the children and is clearly appreciated by children and parents.

 katy  Katy - 3yr Kindergarten.   Professionalism - Tohunga Tanga

 Katy consistently strives for excellence.  She is committed to supporting and achieving quality outcomes for the children, parents/whānau, and her team. She communicates, models and engages in respectful, professional relationships with children, parents/whānau, colleagues and the Annabel’s organisation. 

 Picture1 Jo - Darfield Educare.    Professionalism - Tohunga Tanga 

Jo consistently displays commitment to children's learning and models best practice for children.  She maintains open, honest, respectful conversations and interactions with children, parents/ whānau and colleagues.

anastasiaAnastasia - New Brighton.     Professionalism - Tohunga Tanga

Anastasia maintains professional relationships with children, parents and team members.  Has willingly undertaken increased responsibilities and carried these out reliably.

roseanne Roseanne - 3yr Kindergarten.   Honesty/ Integrity - Pono Value.

Roseanne consistently role models honesty, moral and ethical principles to children, parents/ whanau and colleagues.  Roseanne is positive and professional in her relationships at all times.

winnieWinnie - Avonhead.  Honesty/  Integrity - Pono 

 Winnie is always consistent in her actions, values and methods throughout her teaching of children.

  lai Lai - Avonhead.     Respect - Whakaute

Lai always engages in respectful conversations with children, parents and colleagues.