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Annabel’s Avonhead ensures your child's development by focusing on their strengths in the present so they can succeed in the future. We take pride in the environment that we offer our children as it gives them limitless opportunities to develop into their full potential.

We believe in providing quality early childhood education to our children and their whanaus. Our preschool's teaching philosophies and commitments by the Annabel's team are what makes early learning at Annabel’s different from the rest.


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Our Preschool Space:

Our preschool has been converted from a family home providing a warm and welcoming feel to all children and their whanaus; and with minimal fixtures, our preschool has options to be transformed to the spaces that will best help our children thrive. One of our favourite features of our preschool is our outdoor verandas, these can be enclosed meaning that we never have a reason not to be outside and can adapt to all weather conditions.

Why Our Avonhead Preschool:

Our preschool’s outdoor area backs onto mature trees which not only provide shade for our children, but expose them to insights about the natural world throughout the changing seasons. Our learning centre supports healthy eating habits by providing cut fruit at morning and afternoon tea. Offering kai at these times also encourages children to develop an understanding of when they are hungry and empowers them by giving the opportunity to complete what they are working on before they come to eat. 

Our Close Community:

Our Avonhead preschool is the perfect place for children to form communication and relationship skills. Our pet guinea pigs, Genie and Smile, help teach our children the fundamentals of caring and compassion. Being in close proximity, and having a close relationship with the Avonhead primary school and local retirement home, our children get to go on many excursions. Interacting with not just their peers means they can develop the interpersonal skills that they’ll use later in life.


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