Join Annabel's Darfield Kindergarten For 4-Year-Olds

Annabel’s 4-Year-Olds Kindergarten ensures your child's development by focusing on their strengths in the present so they can succeed in the future. We take pride in the environment that we offer our children as it gives them limitless opportunities to develop into their full potential. We have a number of kindergarten locations in Canterbury.

We believe in providing quality early childhood education to our children and their whanau. Our teaching philosophies and commitment from the Annabel team are what makes early learning at Annabel’s different from the rest.
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Our Kindergarten Space:

Our homely Darfield kindergarten has been built to help our 4-year-old children prepare themselves for their primary school years. We pride ourselves on having a strong sense of whanaungatanga (togetherness), and helping our children to develop close-knit relationships with one another. Our huge outdoor area at our kindergarten means we can make the most of the rural features in Darfield. Our children love being exposed to everything the outdoors has to offer in a safe environment.

Why Our 4-Year-Olds Kindergarten: 

Our kindergarten only has 4-year-olds which gives us the ability to provide age-appropriate experiences that support their transition to school. We include a child-led programme that is planned around children’s individual interests meaning our children develop skills and learn around areas that they enjoy. We have developed our early learning centre to provide our 4-year-olds with an experience that will best help them prepare for their school years, we have 9am - 3pm class time with well resourced small group sessions. Our balance between structured learning and free play helps our children understand what life at primary school will be like and gives them the ability to take risks, in a safe environment.

Our Close Community:

Out in Darfield, we are lucky to be blessed with a country atmosphere and culture meaning we can enjoy outings are out to local farms where our children can interact with the animals. Our kindergarten has a close and good reputation with the community, so we go excursions in a safe environment. Our strong connections with the local marae and local schools also make for regular excursions and give our children the chance to see what the local culture is all about.

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