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At Annabel’s West Melton we are focused on developing your child's strengths and getting them to embrace their individuality as they grow from being at preschool towards a successful schooling period.

Our goal is always aimed at developing our preschoolers' full potential. The environment we have established is the perfect platform to provide kids with limitless opportunities.

We believe in bringing exceptional education to our preschoolers and their whanau.
Our commitment to interactive teaching and encouragement from the Annabel's team are what makes early learning at Annabel’s different from the rest.


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Our Preschool Space:

West Melton is the most recent addition to the Annabel’s family, and we’re lucky enough to have a newly built preschool and nursery. Our children love the large outdoor areas that are beautifully landscaped with limestone rocks from a nearby station. Our West Melton preschool utilises a wide range of natural materials in our indoor spaces that allow for smaller or larger learning groups. We cannot wait for our whanau garden to be built in our preschool's backyard for all preschoolers and their families to use!

Why Our West Melton Preschool:

Our West Melton educational programme is based around inquiry and science learning projects that encourage children’s creativity and imagination. We have well thought and planned experiences that inspire perceptual development, both of which contribute to quality preschool learning. One of the younger children’s favourite places is our spacious nursery, which includes areas that support the ability for them to discover and go on adventures. Our low teacher ratio and quality teaching programme, which reflects individual learning and care needs, means that each child prospers at our preschool.

Our Close Community:

West Melton is a small and rural community, this enables us to have regular walks in the community. Some of our favourite activities include visiting the local parks and community gardens as well as the new subdivision which is ever-changing. Being in a rural Canterbury area, our preschool often gets visits from new friends, such as pet lambs and baby ducklings. Getting visits from the local animals often brings out the children’s care and compassionate side.



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