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Annabel’s Darfield ensures your child's development by focusing on their strengths in the present so they can succeed in the future. We take pride in the environment that we offer our children as it gives them limitless opportunities to develop into their full potential.

We believe in providing quality early childhood education to our children and their whanau. Our teaching philosophies and commitment from the Annabel team are what makes early learning at Annabel’s different from the rest.
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Our Preschool Space:

Our Darfield preschool offers the most of the country environment with our large outdoor garden and play area for our children to enjoy. Our welcoming homely feel gives our children a sense of whanaunatanga (togetherness) and lets them learn and develop in a relaxed environment. Our separate nursery and over 2’s area means our children can be with children their own age, helping them best develop their interpersonal skills. We are proud of our Christchurch preschools.

Why Our Darfield Preschool: 

Our fantastic teacher ratios are well below the Ministry of Education requirements meaning each child is in the best hands to fully develop their skills and knowledge. Our enthusiastic teachers at Annabel’s Darfield are strong advocates of the free play philosophy. They encourage children to play how they choose, letting them develop their imagination and interpersonal skills. Our preschool has a mixture of ages, ranging from in and over 2’s. The children develop tuakana teina, caring relationships through supporting their younger peers.

Our philosophy strives for each child to reach their full potential and this starts at the beginning of their learning journey. We aspire to set each child up for the best learning journey possible in their coming years. If you are interested, we look forward to having you get in touch with our preschool in Darfield, Christchurch.


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