Join Annabel's Darfield Kindergarten For 3-Year-Olds

Annabel’s 3-Year-Olds Kindergarten ensures your child's development by focusing on their strengths in the present so they can succeed in the future. We take pride in the kindergarten environment we offer your children as it gives them limitless opportunities to develop into their full potential. We have a number of Annabel's kindergarten locations in Canterbury.

We believe in providing quality early childhood education to our children and their whanau. Our teaching philosophies and commitment from the Annabel team are what makes early learning at Annabel’s kindergartens different from the rest.
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Our Kindergarten Space:

Annabel’s 3-year-olds Kindergarten is the perfect place for any developing toddler. Our worm farm and sandpit encourage hands-on learning in an outdoor environment. The backyard at our Darfield Kindergarten is full of activities to help your children develop. Our fruit trees and outdoor vegetable gardens enable us to have fresh produce at morning and afternoon teas as well as giving our kindergarteners real-life plants to care for.

Why Our 3-Year-Olds Kindergarten?

Our Annabel's Darfield kindy is most proud of being a fully sustainable kindergarten, using sustainable practices in all areas of kindergarten life. We encourage our children to take part in sustainability and have daily learning on how to care for the environment. Our early childhood teachers have woven manaakitanga (kindness, caring for others) through our learning programmes and work hard to help the children to celebrate all cultures and diversity within the kindergarten.

Our Close Community:

Annabel's Educare in Darfield is a close-knit, rural community. We are lucky to have the contribution of our whanau who have helped us plant and manage our vege garden. We love our family feel at our kindergarten and have open invitations for whanau to contribute and participate in pet days, matariki celebrations, cultural festivity days, spring fairs, skill-sharing sessions with sports, music and farming. Annabel's Kindergarteners are lucky enough to be taken on many excursions, including other early childhood centres, fire stations, the marae, shops, the vet and farms. The children’s favourites are the farms where they get to play with the animals.

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